Sisters Are Doin’ It For Themselves

Creative Direction & Design

The best part about what I do is that I get to collaborate with inspiring people who not only share the same values around sex positivity, queerness, inclusivity, and gender politics; but whose work I also admire.

And because sexual autonomy and control over one’s body is hella sexy 🔥… Sisters are doin’ it for themselves: creative direction and design work for Prepster in collaboration with Terrence Higgins Trust.

From the project:
The booklet is for people who identify as women. Even if PrEP isn’t something for you, it’s important that all of us know about it.

PrEP has most commonly been used by gay and bisexual men - but it’s not only for them. PrEP works, and can be used by EVERYONE, INCLUDING WOMEN. Some women decide to use PrEP because it gives them MORE CONTROL over their sexual health. For example, using PrEP means you don’t have to rely on a partner to have or to use a condom for HIV prevention.

Many women decide to use PrEP because it gives them GREATER PLEASURE during sex, or allows them to enjoy types of sex that they might otherwise not have. PrEP might be useful in circumstances when a woman feels they do not have control over their sex. This might be if a partner refuses to use condoms, or if a partner is being coercive. Some women who do sex work decide to use PrEP, especially if condoms aren’t or can’t always be used with clients.

︎ Illustrations by Lynne Zakhour
︎ In collaboration with Terrence Higgins Trust