December 2023

Origin of Life

Window installation

‘Origin of Life’ is a window installation by ceramicist and metalworker Nuhad Haffar-Orsini as part of DesignTO Festival.

Fonts in use Friz Quadrata (Designer: Ernst Friz Foundry: ITC), New Diane Script by Paul Bergès, and  Suisse Int'l Bold (Designer: Ian Party Foundry: Swiss Typefaces)

About the project: 

Depths & Beginnings: In the ocean’s abyss, the absence of sunlight gives way to an extraordinary phenomenon. Structures emerge out of the silt & sand of the seabed, releasing molten hot magma which collides with freezing seawater. This creates a chemical interaction that can nurture a thriving ecosystem, and it’s fascinated scientists because it’s redefined our understanding of the requirements of life.

Hydrothermal vents, believed to be the cradle of primordial life, inspired Nuhad to create shapes that reflect their underwater origins but evolve into something new. Using ceramics and metal  — materials known for their resiliency and longevity, she combines ceramic hand building techniques with TIG welding to form a new landscape.

‘Origin of Life’ is a testament to the notion that life’s most vital building blocks form under immense pressure, reflecting Nuhad’s personal experiences with motherhood and migration.


Book your HPV vaccine today!

Creative direction & design

Ontario-wide poster campaign paying tribute to vintage XXX & subversive flicks.

Client @gaymenssexualhealthalliance
Photography @pjamnicky Fonts in use Exposure by @federicoparrabarrios on 205tf and Monte Cristo Pro by Canada Type

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world and affects gay, bi, and queer guys in higher numbers. To learn more about HPV and vaccination - including where to get the shots in Ontario, visit


Queers Beyond Borders

Creative direction & design

New work for Queers Beyond Borders: your friendly guide to moving into & across cities in Europe. Available in multi-languages ✌🏽

Animation @noahjdent
Screen printing @vinosangre
Research & words @arivdnarboli @hikingwhilebrown @dadbod_momjeans @thelovetankcic

Where can I go see queer exhibitions and discover LGBTQ+ artists? Where can I get PEP/PrEP? How can I get access to hormone therapy if I’m trans or non-binary? Where can I access chemsex support / mental health support for refugees and asylum seekers? Can I pay my rent in cash if I’m undocumented / a sex worker / etc.?


THELOVEHUB x Fringe! 2023

Creative direction & design

A series of events - sofa chats, workshops, and panels - for thelovehub x fringe! queer film & arts fest in London, UK. 

Illustrations by Lynne Zakhour.

Full list of events:

JUNE 2023

FAR Architects

Animated poster

Modular animated poster for FAR Architects – an award-winning women-led architecture studio based in Beirut