How To Have Sex These Days: Navigating COVID when HORNY

Creative Direction & Design

London-based Prepster, in collaboration with the gay dating app Hornet, joined forces to create the essential sex-positive resource “How To Have Sex These Days: Navigating COVID when HORNY”.

Whilst ‘How To Have Sex These Days’ is intended to speak to a male-identifying audience; together with brilliant illustrator Joseph Kai, we were keen on celebrating the community’s beautiful diversity of skin tones, body forms, ages, gender roles (femme/masc), and gender identities (cis/trans).

The project is available in 9 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese (traditional), Russian, Japanese, French, and Arabic.

From the website:
Guidance during these COVID times asks us to stick to regular sexual partners, or to not have sex with others. Sexual abstinence isn’t possible or sustainable for everyone. These tips help you make an evaluation for what works best for you and your partners, and help reduce COVID risks.

︎ Illustrations by Joseph Kai
︎ In collaboration with Hornet