Black Health Matters

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Research and lived experience demonstrate that people of colour, migrants, people who do not have English as a first language - are more likely to be impacted by a large number of health inequities. These include HIV, sexual and reproductive health, diabetes, obesity, kidney disease, and many more. COVID is no exception.

Black Health Matters builds connections and coalitions across a range of health areas that disproportionately impact on Black people in the UK. Whilst having an immediate focus on the impact of COVID, the project seeks to move "beyond COVID" and to learn lessons from the recent pandemic and from decades of health inequalities faced by Black communities.

From the project:
Black Health Matters has been brewing as a concept for a number of years. The recent attention brought by COVID and the Black Lives Matters movements to the lives and health of Black communities has pushed the project into reality.

There is currently little strategic and programmatic public health and health equalities work that collates and draws threads between lived experience leaders who address Black health inequalities, and that build responses that influences systemic change to tackle these inequalities. Phase I of BHM proposes to bring together lived experience leaders and organisations from a broad range of health issues impacting on Black communities and to identify common threads and solutions to better addressing these health needs.

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