June 2022

Beirut residential architectures 1840-1940

Exhibition & graphic design

A three-language exhibition by Robert Saliba, based on his book “Beirut 1920-1940 : Domestic Architecture Between Tradition and Modernity“ (1998).

︎ Exhibition designed by Ghaith&Jad
︎ Managed by Beirut Heritage Initiative
︎ Funded by The French Ministry of Culture & The French Ministry of Ecological Transition
︎ Photos by Vrouyr Joubanian

About the exhibition:

The exhibition traces the beginnings of the westernization of Beirut’s domestic architecture between the end of the 19th century and the end of the Second World War, which saw the emergence of the suburban family house, known as the ‘Beiruti house’, and its evolution into an urban apartment building. This period of transition between tradition and modernity, combines local know-how and imported materials, while integrating stylistic pluralism and technical innovations.

The focus is on the pericentral neighborhoods where there is the highest aggregation of late Ottoman and French Mandate buildings, severely affected by the port explosion of August 4, 2020. The exhibition aims at raising awareness of the reality of a heritage site in danger, instilling a social, cultural and economic dynamic with the aim of revitalizing neighborhood life; and beyond, at encouraging the consolidation, repair and conservation of affected
heritage buildings.